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 Workshop Information

I am offering  the following half day workshops over the next few months:

Saying ‘No’ 

How good are you at saying ‘No’? When asked to do something, many of us find it difficult to refuse, even though we might not feel right doing it or know that it might cause us more stress. Whether it is at work, school, among friends or family, saying ‘No’ can be very difficult 

In this short workshop we will look at some of the reasons that we might find it difficult and how we might approach various situations with more confidence.

The workshop will be experiential so it will be a small group, maximum number seven people so that we can each bring our own dilemmas to the group.

Talking with our children

Sometimes it can be difficult to communicate with our children and young people. 


This short workshop is designed to help you develop your listening and communicating skills so that you feel better equipped to support them when they need it. 

The workshop will have a maximum of six people with children of either primary or secondary age.

For more information about this workshop a to confirm dates please contact me.

Workshops will be held at 56 London Road Clinic Milborne Port Dorset DT9 5DW

Times 9.30 - 12.30 or 6.30 - 9.30

Cost £40